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nieuwsdatum 18-11-2018
  5th insect collecting trip Mongolia
5th insect collecting trip
5. Insekten Sammelreise

MONGOLIA 20.7-10.8.2019 MONGOLEI
Previous four collecting trips were all very well organized by Gisela Merkel-Wallner, for which we all are very grateful! But since she last year announced that she would pass on the honour of organizing future trips, I have accepted this challenge.

What stays the same, is the goal of the travels: collecting insects, thereby enjoying nature, learning about Mongolian culture and habits and be among friends.

Let me try to explain you in short what you can expect.

First of all, it is all very low-profile (and non commercial) organized. Meaning that we are with two cars (a Russian van and a Toyota 4WD). We will be hosted by the two Mongolian drivers plus two who take care of everything we need, including food. These guys already helped us on our previous tours. Two of them speak German, one driver English and the other one just Mongolian.
A maximum of 8 people will join the trip.

Starting in Ulaanbaatar we head off for the Khangai mountains, West and South West of Harhorin, to the area of Uyanga/Bat-Olziy. The goal in the second week would be to reach Baga Bogd uul, a 3590 high isolated mountain South of Baruunbayan-Ulaan. Finally, in the last week, we drive through the steppes bordering the Gobi desert, passing by Arvayheer and Buren, to reach the Tuul river and finally see to explore Hustain National Park (where the Przewalski horses live) and its natural unspoilt mountain steppes. But... it can all change, the final route, because we never can be sure about local conditions. Some roads may be temporary out of order, impossible to pass, or the weather can force us to change our plans. Also, along the way we decide how long we stay at each place. Bumpy roads, marshes, dry steppe, rivers, unforseen car problems, anything can make us change our plans. That's the adventure of it. And of course it is important to not take unnecessary risks, but our Mongolian team is very experienced and reliable.

But what always stays important, is to find the best places to collect insects (and enjoy all other parts of nature not to forget!).

You will have to bring your own tent, and all the things you need for your personal care during these 3 weeks. Perhaps we will be sleeping in a ger-camp one or two times, but usually we just find a good place to spend the night(s) ad-hoc / en route. Just the last night before flying back home we sleep in the Khabu hotel in UB.
About the planning: We will leave Frankfurt on 20 July. And we will return on August 10.

So the starting point for the tour is Frankfurt international airport because they have direct flights to UB. Learning from the past, like last year, the traveling costs to/from Ulaanbaatar will be less than 1000 Euro. The trip in Mongolia will be about 500 Euro per person per week, making 1500 Euro.
Tickets for the flights and other things that have to be taken care of in advance will be organized by me. So for that I will ask for a pre-payment, also to have people commit to join us.

There is a limited number of places left. So please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested. Also don’t hesitate to ask me any question you have related to this event!

Best wishes , Liebe Grüsse
André van Eck
e-mail: eckvana@xs4all.nl
tel. 0031-641014259

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